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Piaget's theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Piaget's hypothesis - Essay Example ntelligence was dynamic; and that kids are not latent beneficiaries of data, rather that they effectively build and recreate their insight into the world. Subjective disequilibrium and the child’s activity and association with the physical condition fuel the improvement of the intellectual framework towards further developed mental structures (Fisher and Lerner, 2004). This paper will assess Piaget’s hypothesis of the four phases of psychological advancement in kid improvement. Further, likenesses and contrasts will be distinguished between Erikson’s hypothesis and Piaget’s hypothesis of youngster improvement, as for the advancement of personality. As indicated by Piaget’s hypothesis, the improvement of knowledge and intellectual working in kids advances through a progression of four phases dependent on age and simultaneous organic changes and development. This prompts the youngster showing a more elevated level of working at each progressive stage, when contrasted with the past stage (Videbeck, 2007). The phases of improvement are not widespread, since social contrasts exist. In any case, the systems that underlie intellectual improvement are viewed as all inclusive (Pressley and McCormick, 2007). 1. The sensorimotor stage: This reaches out from birth to two years. The youngster builds up a feeling of self, separated from the earth, and builds up the idea of item perpetual quality. That is, an impression of the presence of substantial articles in any event, when they are far out, that they do 3. The solid activities stage: Between six to twelve years the kid starts to apply rationale to intuition, gets spatiality and reversibility, is progressively social and ready to apply rules; be that as it may, believing is as yet concrete. 4. The proper tasks stage: From twelve to fifteen years and past, the youngster figures out how to think and reason in conceptual terms. Further, there is advancement of consistent reasoning and thinking, and the accomplishment of psychological development in the youngster

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Population inflation Essay Example

Populace swelling Essay Populace swelling has become a steady issue and a creating struggle for all the countries on the planet particularly those with such minimal all out land net territory. Urbanization and Population development appears to harmonize in light of the fact that both of it has become developing worries of the present reality. In spite of the fact that Urbanization has its more positive side, there are still some who restrict this belief system. Concerning development, it has become one part of the worldwide network that shows such a compromising reality. The individuals are increasing continuously however the assets that keep the individuals alive has gotten all the more rare as the years progressed. The shortage of assets to fulfill populace has gotten explicitly harming. The development rate far and wide is expanding each year and as found on the planets most crowded nations, for example, China, India, USA, the populace has been blowing up because of birth and richness rate. Offering an explanation to the issues brought about by overpopulation, urbanization arrangements has become one apparently dependable cure. There are four instances of situations where a positive yield was created and was perceived in the 1996 Dubai Awards. These are the Institutionalizing of Community-Based Development in Abidjan, another was simply the activity by the Employed Womens Association (SEWA) Bank, another was the City Management in Tilburg going from an earlier time, present and the future, these are tests of beating the difficulties of populace and urbanization. Urbanization can create both negative and constructive outcomes on networks, contingent upon how the pioneers of these networks exploit it. We will compose a custom exposition test on Population expansion explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom paper test on Population expansion explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom paper test on Population expansion explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer There are conceivable ecological issues because of urbanization yet there are additionally natural advantages because of urbanization. Its like a give and take relationship for populace and urbanization, the significance of how the populace ought to be dealt with must harmonize decidedly with how urbanization ought to be taken care of appropriately to receive rewards for the populace. REFERENCES http://www. unesco. organization/most/africa17. htm http://www. unesco. organization/most/asia1. htm http://www. unesco. organization/most/africa3. htm http://www. unesco. organization/most/westeu14. htm http://www. unesco. organization/most/usa1. htm

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Can a Husband be Accused and Charged of Raping His own Wife - 275 Words

Can a Husband be Accused and Charged of Raping His own Wife? (Essay Sample) Content: Can a husband be accused and charged of raping his own wife?Aggrey Africa OuleWriteZillasCan a husband be accused and charged of raping his own wife?Marital rape is a neglected topic. Until recently, spousal exemption licensed rape in marriage. The spousal exemption saw the birth of the rape immunity law, which fueled marital rape by allowing men to perceive women as the possessions and passive objects of their husbandà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s desires. The spousal exemption was an extension of the historic dominance of men over women. The law gave male power over wives institutional legitimacy. As a result, the law on sexual assault was only significant when it was involving intercourse out of marriageCITATION Ham01 \p 57 \l 1033 (Hammer, 2001, p. 57). However, alongside battery, rape creates a climate of terror and oppression in the domestic sphere that damages both physical and mental healthCITATION Ben03 \p 228 \l 1033 (Bennice, 2003, p. 228). Marital rape is indeed a crime a nd any husband found guilty of this inhuman act should be prosecuted and charged in a court of law.The internationalization of human rights activism in the 1980s and early 1990s saw the abolishment of spousal exemption within the legislation of some countries or states. While lawyers and legislators debate on the issue, those in positions best suited to understand this form of intimate violence remain silent. It is difficult to assess incidences of marital rape since not all women coerced into sex perceive it as rape. The greatest concern to most legal practitioners is how exactly rape or absence of consent should be defined. Nonetheless, public and professional awareness on the existence of marital rape is growing. The slowly accumulating evidence suggests that rape in marriage is not a rare crime but a persistent problem in most marriagesCITATION Gel83 \p 17 \l 1033 (Gelles, 1983, p. 17).The traditional assumption that taking marital vows make women lose control over their bodies or sexuality is both morally and legally unacceptable. Women are increasingly gaining awareness on their rights with regard to...

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The Relationshipful Relationships In Chaucers Canterbury...

The saying â€Å"Opposites attract, and likes repel† have been around for a long time, but like other adages, it does not have a clear basis. In fact, the opposite of that statement is true with the support of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and works of modern psychology. In Chaucer’s tales, the duality of marriage is evident. The ones that end with a successful relationship are the result of the partners’ similar external physical traits or internal thoughts, and the vice versa. While many factors account for a successful relationship, the most important is the similarity between the partners. First off, it is vital that each partner of a successful relationship holds equal power. In â€Å"The Wife of Baths’ Prologue†, the narrator†¦show more content†¦In this tale, the difference in power reinforced Pertelote’s dismissive attitude. Shown in two of Chaucer’s tales is the idea that the inequality of power leads to an ineffective relationship. Therefore, it is evident that there needs to be a similarity of power held by each partner for a relationship to flourish. In addition to the similarity of power, there needs to be a similar mindset when it comes to goals for a successful relationship. Fletcher and Overall masterfully adds on to this topic in their article Intimate Relationships. They present the given matrix â€Å"a selfish frame of mind† (464) and the effective matrix, the â€Å"relationship or partner-serving orientation† (464). They explain that â€Å"the shift from [the given matrix] †¦ to [the effective matrix] †¦ are thought to be important in maintaining successful relationships.† (464). To simply put it, couples that have symbiotic goals tend to have a more fruitful relationship, and vice versa. One example would be in â€Å"The Merchant’s Tale†. The main characters, May and January, have vastly different goals from each other. Thi s dictates that their marriage is doomed from the beginning. May, a young virgin, is looking for a boost in social status and a rich husband. She found this in January, who in return is looking for a wife to settle down

Motivation at Norsk Petroleum free essay sample

Norsk Petroleum is a leading gas and oil exploration company based in Oslo, Norway. It employs 2564 people, and its business operations comprise the exploration, production and marketing of crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids. In 2007 most of its business was conducted in Norway and Canada, although its interests included ventures in West Africa, Australia, the Gulf of Mexico and Venezuela. When Usa Bohm, the human resources director for Norsk Petroleum, read an email message from Elizabeth Pedersen she knew she had another urgent issue to deal with that week. Elizabeth Pedersen was a petroleum engineer who had the task of deciding how to extract the oil once it had been found by geologists, and extraction had been estimated to be viable by the companys team of geophysicists. Elizabeth had requested a meeting with Usa for the next day, but she did not say what the purpose was. Usa suspected that Elizabeth was intending to tender her resignation. We will write a custom essay sample on Motivation at Norsk Petroleum or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Usas problem was not new, or unique to Norsk Petroleum. In the previous five years, the major oil companies such as Amoco, Bp, Exxon and Shell had accelerated their oil exploration and extraction operations. With the expansion of exploration and extraction in Iraq, following the US and British military intervention, many small independent gas and oil companies had also entered the market or stepped up their operations. After graduating from university, the knowledge workers of the industry geologists, geophysicists and petroleum engineers need at least three years field experience before they become fully qualified and valued professionals. There was a shortage of, and an urgent need for, qualified professionals. Many small companies had resorted to using executive recruitment agencies or head hunters’. In the previous 12 months, 18 (15 per cent) of the Norsk Petroleum scientists had resigned after receiving offers from rival companies. As Usa was pondering what she would do about the loss of petroleum engineers, and specifically what she would say to Elizabeth Pedersen, there was a knock on her office door. Gottfred Eng, manager of computer services, walked into the office and asked her to sign an advertising request form; for an ad for a replacement for Ola Rennemo, a computer technician. Why is he leaving? Usa asked. His new company is closer to home and it will reduce his travel to work time’, Gottfred replied. Ask him to come and see me on Friday before he leaves. I would like to conduct an exit interview with him’. The meeting with Elizabeth Pedersen took place the next day. It began with comments on the weather, her daughter who had recently married, and brief discussion about the progress on the latest drilling project. Then Elizabeth made a flawless statement: Usa, Im really grateful for all the support the company has given; the work has been challenging but Im leaving Norsk to take up a new position at Petrowest’. Anticipating the next question, she continued, Its a small, independent company which has won a major contract to explore off the Newfoundland Coast in Canada. Im excited by the job. And Ill have greater responsibility for managing two three-person teams of petroleum engineers, and negotiating contracts with the suppliers’. Usa mulled over on the words small, independent company~ Unlike large companies such as Norsk Petroleum, where petroleum engineers focused on specialized tasks related to their knowledge, the small exploration companies required their engineers to take on wider projects and managerial responsibilities, negotiate with customers and suppliers, and work on capital projects. Usa knew from labour market surveys that Elizabeth was already well paid, but she offered a 5 per cent increase in her salary, additional stock options and a company car. She also pointed out that the companys share values had been steadily increasing despite a sluggish stock market. Elizabeth said she would consider the new pay package, saying she needed to sleep on it: Let me ask you this, Elizabeth; Usa added. Are you unhappy with your supervisor, or are you having problems with your team members? Elizabeth replied that her team leader and other team members were fine. The meeting ended with Elizabeth promising to consider the improved compensation package. On Friday morning that week Usa conducted an exit interview with the technician Ola Rennemo. After enquiring about his wife, who was expecting a baby, and their new home, she asked, Why are you leaving the company? Your performance appraisal has been consistently excellent and I believe you would have a bright future if you chose to stay with Norsk Petroleum’. To be closer to my family’ Rennemo responded. Usa was aware that thousands of large, medium and small technology businesses across the country were trying to recruit and keep high-tech talent such as Ola. She was also aware that in line with the companys stated policy on being a learning organization’ she had agreed to pay for his technical upgrade courses, and a team leadership course held at the local college. She knew she had to stop, or at least slow down, the haemorrhage of talent from the company. She also knew from reading Olas latest appraisal report that he was ambitious, so she tried what she considered an innovative approach to the problem: professional development. If the company paid the tuition for a diploma in management, would you stay? Thanks, but its too late. Im committed to the new job’ Ola replied. At 4 oclock that afternoon, Usa received Elizabeth Pedersens letter of resignation. On Monday morning, she would be calling a meeting of departmental managers to garner ideas for recruiting and keeping their petroleum engineers and their high-tech support staff.

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Safaricom free essay sample

Do you have a strategy to grow your business that is aligned with your vision? Are your business and support units aligned with organization strategy? Are employees and the work they do aligned with strategy and a shared vision for the future? How are you keeping score and communicating performance progress internally and externally toward goals? If you would like to develop an aligned business strategy, and measure and communicate with clarity how well you are executing your strategy, then a strategy-based balanced scorecard system may be what you need. By Howard Rohm President and CEO Balanced Scorecard Institute â€Å"Balanced scorecard† means different things to different people. At one extreme, measurement-based balanced scorecards are simple Mark Malinoski dashboards of performance measures grouped into categories that Founder, RKS Innovations are of interest primarily to an organization’s managers and executives. Typical categories include financial measures, and customer, process, and organization capacity measures. We will write a custom essay sample on Safaricom or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Measurement-based scorecards almost always report on operational performance measures, and offer little strategic insight into the way an organization creates value for its customers and other stakeholders. At the other extreme, a strategic performance scorecard system is an organization-wide integrated strategic planning, management and measurement system. Strategy-based scorecards align the work people do with corporate vision and strategy, and communicate strategic intent throughout the organization. In other words, these systems incorporate the culture of the organization into the management system. In strategy-based scorecards, performance measures are only one of several important components, and the measures are used to better inform decision making at all levels in the organization. In strategy-based balanced scorecard systems, performance measures are the result of thinking about business strategy first, to measure progress toward goals. In strategy-based systems, the first question to answer is the strategic question: â€Å"Are we doing the right things? † The operations, process, and tactical questions come later: â€Å"Are we doing things right†. Over the past decade balanced scorecards have evolved from systems that simply measure performance to holistic strategic planning and management systems that help manage and track strategy execution. Despite this evolution, the majority of balanced scorecards that we have seen over the past 10 years use a â€Å"just give me the measures† philosophy. These measure-centric dashboard scorecards are interesting, but not very robust and not 975 Walnut Street, Suite 360 . Cary, North Carolina 27511 USA . Phone: 919. 460. 8180 Fax 919. 460. 0867 . www. balancedscorecard. org Strategy-Based Balanced Scorecards for Technology Companies – Page 2 of 14 nearly as helpful as they could be. These scorecards remind me of the old Wendy’s commercial: â€Å"Where’s the beef? † Strategy-based scorecard systems, on the other hand, create a â€Å"strategic thinking† mentality in an organization, and can help lift the organization and its workforce to a higher, more performance-oriented way to think and work. Each organization is unique, and there is no â€Å"one scorecard fits all† solution. This article describes how to develop a strategy-based balanced scorecard system for technology companies. We’ll share some lessons learned from developing strategic performance scorecard systems in dozens of businesses and industries over the past 10 years. The Balanced Scorecard as a Technology Company’s Strategic Planning and Management System Technology company management teams are challenged by: ? ? ? ? ? Rapidly shrinking product cycles Recruiting, retaining and rewarding technology talent Making and communicating critical product development decisions Tracking the evolution of customer feature demands and use models Disruptive, enabling technologies that can invalidate products or entire business models In addition, executives rarely communicate the strategic manner in which the business is being directed. The typical result is disagreement and misalignment in how these challenges are perceived and addressed throughout the company. Any technology company strategy needs to embrace these challenges. Strategy is a company’s approach to achieving its visionit’s the organization’s â€Å"game plan† for success. One thing the technology company’s strategy needs to define is how it will measure product planning and development success. Strategy needs to define how ideas are advanced into opportunities. Passionate technology workers need to know why their ideas and views were embraced, delayed, or discarded. Strategy must describe the timing of such considerations, so that investments in programs underway are protected from an ill-timed innovation capturing the minds of employees. Similarly, programs that are off track need to sound alarms so that corrective action can be taken. Strategy needs to guide when and how to sound those alarms and ensure necessary corrections are taken. Strategy needs to dictate tracking customer feature evolution, and if the company wields the core technology its products need to be successful in the marketplace. Using a balanced scorecard as the strategic planning and management framework allows a company to deal with these and other issues that matter to creating value for customers and stakeholders, such as process efficiency, financial performance, and organizational capacity and readiness. Starting with a strategic view of how the organization creates value for customers, a scorecard system links strategy to what must be done operationally to be successful. Good scorecard systems focus on the critical few performance measures that provide real business intelligence and contribute to the achievement of operational excellence, employee excellence, and business success. But more important, these systems focus on the elements of strategy that can be made actionable – strategic objectives that are the building blocks of strategy. 975 Walnut Street, Suite 360 . Cary, North Carolina 27511 USA . Phone: 919. 460. 8180 Fax 919. 460. 0867 . www. balancedscorecard. org Strategy-Based Balanced Scorecards for Technology Companies – Page 3 of 14 Developing a Technology Company Balanced Scorecard System The logic of building a scorecard system and using the system as the organization’s strategic planning and management framework starts with an understanding of the organization’s customers and stakeholders, and their needs. The management team then develops and validates the strategic components of the management system. The components include mission, vision, core values, strategic perspectives (i. . , performance dimensions), strategic themes and desired strategic results, strategic objectives, an organization-wide strategy map, performance measures and targets, and strategic initiatives aligned with the objectives. Strategy is the common thread through the scorecard system and forms the basis for communicating the organization’s approach for gaining competitive advantage (for a business), or in the case of a public or nonprofit organization, for improving mission effectiveness for stakeholders.